Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welcome to the Red Hatchet Films blog!

Well, here it is, that blog I've been meaning to start to keep all my friends and loved ones abreast of what I've been up to. As a stop-motion animator, I tend to go AWOL from time to time, locking myself in my tiny apartment/studio, rarely venturing out except for food, barely seeing or speaking to anyone, even my nearest and dearest. It's difficult to explain the kind of focus and concentration this work requires, but most people find it pretty fascinating.

Red Hatchet Films is my film company, created just over a year ago. I'm proud to say that since then RHF has produced five films: VALLEY OF GWOMBI episodes 1 & 2, SHORT ENDS, A WINTER'S TALE, and most recently, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's FROM BEYOND. Having been a fan of stop-mo all my life it's such an incredible feeling to finally be creating these films using this method. It pulls on all your skills as an artist: designing, sculpting, painting, puppetry, composition...especially when your workspace is limited.

In the days to come I plan to post pics and talk about the films in general. If anyone has any specific questions about my work, feel free to ask...I love talking about this stuff. And check out the official Red Hatchet Films site for more pics, slideshows, synopses of the film, etc...

More to come!


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