Saturday, June 19, 2010


Boy oh boy do I love Christmas. It seems that every year I get to work on at least one cool project due to the enduring memories that people have of all those fantastic stop motion animated Rankin/Bass holiday specials of yesteryear. One person who cherishes those films is the uber-awesome Dan Finnerty, creator and lead singer of The Dan Band. You may have seen him performing in the hit films OLD SCHOOL or THE HANGOVER, or maybe seen him doing correspondent pieces for Jay Leno. If you've never seen him perform live, you're missing out:

Dan called up last November, acting on a recommendation from our good friends over at Santasia, to see if we could put together a video for Christmas. "THIS Christmas??" I asked, looking at the calendar. "Well, we'd actually need it like December 5th," Dan informed me. I love this business.

The project would be to create a music video for the song, "THE CHRISTMAS FLIP-FLOP" from Dan's spectacular holiday party album, "HO: A Dan Band Christmas".

It was a blast to create mini-version of Dan and his bandmates!

Dan is an amazing guy, and surprisingly chill in person compared to his onstage persona. I was already a fan before this project, but after getting to work on this video AND scoring comp tickets to The Dan Band's Live Holiday Show at the Avalon Theatre here in Hollywood, well, I'm just in love with the guy. I hope our creative paths cross again, hopefully on a stop mo Dan Band Holiday Special!


Blogger DC said...

This is a great parody of Christmas Shoes! I didn't realize it until seeing Patton Oswalt's routine.

Knowing this is poking fun at something makes it all the funnier.

Great puppets, lighting, and sets (and of course, animation)! Happy Holidays :)

4:10 AM  
Blogger paper writing said...

Good that you get new projects. Keep yourself occupied as it is a must. Dan is an amazing and chill guy. The puppets are so cute. Good share!

4:04 AM  
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