Sunday, April 02, 2006

London is NOT calling...

As some of you know, I entered two of my films, VALLEY OF GWOMBI and A WINTER'S TALE, in the Sci-Fi London International Festival of Fantastic Film (I think that's the whole name). You see, I decided earlier this year that I really want to go to London in 2006. Going to Ireland last year to run in the Dublin Marathon to raise money for AIDS gave me an acute case of itchy feet, I guess. I figured getting into this fest would be a breeze, since I had TWO films that I thought would just blow their socks off. Well, they were supposed to announce their selections yesterday and so far not a peep. It's really no big deal since it has been pointed out to me that I can travel to London WITHOUT being an internationally recognized filmmaker, but what's the point?

Anyways, I'm really proud of my two little films. GWOMBI was the first, and I worked my tail off on it, learning by doing from the ground up. A WINTER'S TALE was an experiment--I wanted to learn more about digital compositing before I leapt into a larger project that would use it more extensively. I was able to adapt several of the puppets I'd built for SHORT ENDS so it came together pretty quickly, and turned out better than I expected.

There's a link on my website if you want to watch GWOMBI online: . It's being hosted on my friend Behn Fannin's site, along with his devilishly funny repertoire of shorts. Check out his work--the guy's got the goods!



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