Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To HD or not HD...

Upon returning from a weeklong vacation to the Carribean with Gary and his family, I found out the director of the "Punding" video, Michael Wormser, and the band, boxViolet, really wanted to go with HD video for this project. My first response was, of course, great apprehension as I haven't worked in HDV and haven't a clue as to what it entails. Having done a little research and calling upon animator extraordinnaire Tennessee Reid Norton for some advice I think I may be able to swing it, but I'm still nervous. After all, it's not MY money that's being spent, and I don't want to let anybody down. However, both Mike W. and the band seem really happy with the work I've done so far, so I'm still on the boat as far as they're concerned. And I have to admit, the opportunity to step up my production quality and technical skills is really appealling.

I'm still building sets and props, and finalizing storyboards for a meeting with the band this Friday. I'm looking forward to meeting them as I've become quite a fan of their music!

In other news, my film A WINTER'S TALE was not selected for this year's Shriekfest Film Festival here in Los Angeles. That's 0 for 2 for AWT, which happens to be one of my favorite films to date. It started out as a simple project to try my hand at digital effects...a ramp up to FROM BEYOND.
The whole thing was finished in two weeks (not counting the week I spent constructing the house out of an old shoebox) and turned out much better than I ever expected it to. I've gotten great feedback on it from lots of folks, which is very nice considering its humble origins.


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