Monday, October 08, 2007

Project C: Snow Princess

As I spend time preparing five new AMBERSONS Episodes and the MYTHIC JOURNEYS project, I'm also in the early stages of designing & building sets and puppets for SNOW PRINCESS, a short, gothic fantasy written and directed by Audrey Holland. I saw an ad Audrey placed looking for scenic artists and animators for her film on the message boards and introduced myself. Audrey and I share a lot of the same inspirations when it comes to stop-mo, and I'm thrilled to be working on her project.

The set above is one of seven that I'll be designing for SNOW PRINCESS, (the puppet is an old cast member from DREDD MANOR standing in for scale) in addition to animating the film (with a little help, hopefully!). It's going to be fun to work on something a little bigger scale than I'm used to. Lots more details to come about this exciting new work...


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This looks really promising. You are truly a multi-talented artis!

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