Thursday, October 25, 2007

The passing of a friend...

Yesterday saw the untimely and very unexpected passing of a cherished member of my extended family: Gary's sister, Kelli Seely, and her family, lost their beloved French mastiff, Benson.

Benson was not an old dog. On the contrary, he was less than three years old. He entered the Green family about the same time I did. I remember Gary's description after the Seelys brought home the new puppy: "I don't know if I can't stop looking at him because he's so cute or because he's soooo ugly..."

Everyone's first reaction when they saw Benson, with his gigantic face looking like something that might have resulted from the unholy mating of a walrus with a giant catfish, was one of delighted fascination. His farts could clear a room. He could eat a whole sofa and still have room for a pair of expensive shoes (see pic). His snoring rattled the window panes. He loved having his head rubbed, and when he planted his enormous skull in your lap to be petted, you were literally pinned down until HE decided you could get up. He was the sweetest dog I ever knew.

Benson apparently died in his sleep while napping in the backyard, possibly from an aneurism, according to the vet. He didn't appear to have suffered any pain. We're all really sad about this, but Gary noted that Benson had an AWESOME life, with all the food, attention, space, an incredible family and love a dog could hope for. My heartfelt sympathies go out to Kelli, husband Jeff, and daughter Lauren during this unexpectedly sad time.

Thanks for bringing so much love into our lives, Benson! We will miss you!!


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Wonderful tribute to Benson , McG, so sorry he left suddenly!

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