Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FROM BEYOND to be released by Lurker Films!

I got word a few days ago that my adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's FROM BEYOND has been included in Volume 5 of The H.P. Lovecraft Collection created and distributed by Lurker Films! Andrew Migliore, the founder of Portland, OR's infamous H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival has been incredibly generous to my film, which he also plans to include on an upcoming disc of all animated Lovecraft films in the not-too-distant. You can read all about the contents of the DVD (or order a copy for your very own!) right here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Notes from the trenches...

I can't describe how busy it's been around here the last few months, but the lag time since the last entry should give some indication. Here are some pics and stills from a couple of projects currently in the works.

Status: Deep into production. Several scenes are completed, with several more to go. This is such a fun, colorful, sweet project, and I love animating these characters!

Status: In production. After weeks of prep, we have FINALLY begun animating the stop motion portion of the film. Lots of wonderful, talented people have come out to help with this project, and the director/producers have been amazing and PATIENT with the amount of time it takes to make animation happen. Here are a couple of behind the scenes pics of our first setup, which happens to be the Tree Girl puppet I blogged about a while back:

More to come!