Saturday, January 26, 2008

Notes from the trenches...

I can't describe how busy it's been around here the last few months, but the lag time since the last entry should give some indication. Here are some pics and stills from a couple of projects currently in the works.

Status: Deep into production. Several scenes are completed, with several more to go. This is such a fun, colorful, sweet project, and I love animating these characters!

Status: In production. After weeks of prep, we have FINALLY begun animating the stop motion portion of the film. Lots of wonderful, talented people have come out to help with this project, and the director/producers have been amazing and PATIENT with the amount of time it takes to make animation happen. Here are a couple of behind the scenes pics of our first setup, which happens to be the Tree Girl puppet I blogged about a while back:

More to come!


Blogger jriggity said...

Awesome post man!!

eatin up that inspiration!


2:04 PM  
Blogger mefull said...

Micheal, thanks for the behind the scenes stuff. Puppets look cool, sounds like a fun project.

I like the camera tracking rig, but I have never seen one that raises like that. How steady is it as you go up? Where is the crank to raise the camera is it underneath?


10:58 AM  
Blogger Michael Granberry said...

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by. Mark, the tracking rig is a homemade number I borrowed from a good's pretty smooth but has NO kind of pre-set calibration or anything. And the crank--are you ready for this?--is an ALLEN WRENCH clamped onto the top end of the threaded rod that acts as the boom! It's crazy to type that, but it works! :)

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice setup, man! What kind of camera is that? It's pretty cool to see you go from digital camcorder to DSC!

The images you're getting must be positively droolworthy.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Shelley Noble said...

I feel sooo dumb! I was memorized by the backdrop and missed the camera rig until I read the comments!

tres koolio set up, McG!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Ethan said...

Cool stuff! You have your plate full. It looks like you have a really nice shooting space with lots of room- where are you shooting?

9:16 AM  

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