Thursday, April 13, 2006

Red Hatchet website gets a new 'do

Check out the awesome new design of the Red Hatchet Films website! Webmaster extraordinnaire Gary Green hasn't let the conclusion of his recent producing gig on "I've Got a Secret" for Gameshow Network curtail his productivity. Ever the perfectionist, I'm sure he's got a mental checklist of tweaks a mile long, so it may change several times in the days to come!

In other news, FROM BEYOND is officially in the can. I am really happy with the way the editing process worked for this film, and have to give much credit to my inner circle of critics who gave me invaluable feedback in tightening up the story: Gary Green, Behn Fannin, Anthony Caruso and Brad Carter. Your input was so essential to the creation of this piece which I am very proud of...a million thanks. I plan to enter it in a number of festivals in the coming months.


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