Sunday, April 30, 2006

Behind the scenes

Some folks have asked me to post some behind-the-scenes shots from my productions, and every time they do I think to myself, "I've GOT to remember to take some behind-the-scenes shots on the next one!" It's clearly an area I need to be trained into doing more regularly, but I did manage to find a couple, posted here today for your viewing pleasure.

The first two are from FROM BEYOND, and give a pretty good idea of the scale of the models I'm working with.
The next two are from VALLEY OF GWOMBI, Episode 2 and really show what kind of visual trickery is necessary to pass off a 9" deep staging space as a vast, primordial jungle. Marshall Gwombi is almost as tall as the tree that is supposed to be several yards behind him, and you can just barely make out the tiny model of Wes Gwombi clinging to the sheer cliff face in the "distance"...actually just a few inches away.

Remarkably, I don't think any housecats are visible in these pics. Here's a shot of them, too, so they don't feel left out:


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