Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It's been a couple hectic days since my tour of the ROBOT CHICKEN Studios courtesy of animator-extraordinnaire, Tennessee Reid Norton, and since then I must have watched my copies of the RC Season 1 DVDs about fifty times. I am constantly finding new bits that I missed, and learning great techniques that I want to attempt in my own work. I just can't get enough of this show! It's like an animator's own "tips 'n' tricks" series, and more helpful than most of my animation-related books combined.

The tour itself was everything I'd hoped for and a whole lot more. My own workspace is little more than my kitchen table, a jerry-rigged animation "stage" and an assortment of storage compartments for art supplies, props, and puppets strewn around my tiny apartment. Now imagine that scenario times about A HUNDRED...props, puppets and sets crammed into every corner of a ginormous warehouse/studio. "T" Reid was really patient with me as I stood there, mouth agape and clearly wishing to be adopted. To say it was overwhelming is a gross understatement. After the tour I got to join the crew as they watched the weeklys and one almost-finished episode...I can't believe how much the show has grown in one season. The visuals have expanded so much, and the animation is just so kinetic and joyful. This family of artists is receiving a lot of attention these days for their work, and let me tell you they deserve every ounce of it. I left elated and inspired, but not before giving T. copies of all my films to review for feedback, and also as a huge THANK YOU for letting me take a peek inside the Magic Kingdom :) ...


Blogger Mason said...

Hi Michael,

Mason McDaniel here. Googled ya' looking over the yearbook.

Our 20th is this summer.

Next year is your turn. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Hope you're doing well. Best to Lauren.


6:28 PM  
Blogger le Granberry said...

Mason, what a surprise! I just got back from visiting folks in Athens...still love that city. Hope the CCH Class of '87 organizes something; I'll totally go. I should come to your 20th, as most of my buddies were in the Class of '86!

Great to hear from you! Keep in touch :)

11:34 AM  

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